Due to changing standards many modern browsers are stopping support for plugins. If the WebGL version doesn't work in your browser please try the plugin version.

Click on the township to give focus to the application.

W,S,A,D or Arrow Keys move camera forward, backwards, left and right. The U,J,H,K rotate the camera Up, Down, Left and Right.

Move mouse cursor around in the window to look around if "Auto Look" is selected. Or Left-Click and Drag in window to look when "Click Look" is active. Toggle button for these modes is top right of app window.

Right-Click on building to move to and view; information, floor plans and images will load in the window below. Scroll down to see content once clicked. Alternatively you can hover your mouse cursor over a building and press the SPACE key.

You will need to be logged into the Virtual Yallourn site to be able to edit the content displayed here. Once logged in you will see an "Editor" button top left.

Updated 17/04/16 - webgl version