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IMAGES OF YALLOURN - 1971 - Historic Night Football at Yallourn

This photograph was taken by well-known Yallourn identity Mr Cliff Cleverly at the first game of night football played at the Yallourn Oval on Wednesday, July 21st 1971.

Source: ‘SEC Contact Magazine’ August 8th 1971 Page: 16.

IMAGES OF YALLOURN - Stan Brown & Doug Brown - Yallourn Football Club & Yallourn Tennis Club


The first photograph (taken in 1969) shows a former popular sporting identity of Yallourn, Stan Brown with his son, Doug. Stan Brown was a star for Yallourn Football Club and played in the club’s last premiership in 1948. That season, Stan won the Kevin Comber award for the Most Improved Player.

Stan won a string of awards at YFC including the Most Consistent Player trophy in 1954 which was the inaugural (and momentous) season of the Latrobe Valley Football League.

The group photo, which accompanies this article, shows Stan in the 1955 Grand Final team (next to the then coach of Yallourn, Gerald Marchesi). Although Carlton FC took an interest in recruiting Stan to play VFL, he ‘stayed and played on’ with Yallourn FC and amassed a total of 167 senior games with the Blues.

Stan also gained a handsome reputation as a tennis player and represented Yallourn at the Country Week Championships on more than twenty occasions.
The full story of Stan Brown can be found by:
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Another article about Stan Brown can be found on this website by simply typing the word ‘Brown’ into the Search box above.

A series of stories about the Yallourn Football Club, Yallourn Tennis Club and other former sporting stars of the town can also be found on this website. Simply type in the word ‘Football’ (or ‘Tennis’) into the Search box above.

Stan Brown can be seen in the group photograph in the second row, second from the right (next to Yallourn’s coach that season and former North Melbourne FC star Gerald Marchesi).

Yallourn Football Club YFC - Grand Final Team 1955

YFC Grand Final Team vs Sale at Morwell in 1955

Back Row: K Fanning, P Cook, B Knight, K Gibson, L Shipp, P Watkinson, K McColl, J Watt
Middle Row: M Williams, J Brown, R Cullinan, G Marchesi, S Brown, J Vinall
Front Row: D Madden, R Kitney, C Whitbourne, J Shaw, B Coad, M Crane

1975 - YFC Yallourn Football Club Football
1973 - YFC Yallourn Football Club Football

Yallourn Golds V Morwell

Source: NLA 205621676 ‘The Age’ May 1st 1939 Page: 4

Yallourn Football Club (YFC) - 1936 Premiers

Yallourn FC 1936 Premiers & Champions
Dan Hutton, B. Green, G. Beston, B. Crawford, T. Knight, L. Kiernan, G. Mahoney, E. Franklin, K. Williamson, G. Slatter, T. McKay, Jack Piggott, Ernie Davies, J. Egan, H. Smith, B. Godfrey, B. Marshall, J. Fincher, S. Attenborough

Yallourn Football Club YFC 1930 Premiers YFC 1930 Premiers

YFC 1930 Premiers- Photo taken at Grand Final played at Trafalgar FC
Peter O'Neill (Capt), Jim Milne, Ted Hassett, Dan Hutton, S 'Skipper' Scott, Keith Shepherd, P 'Plugger' Culph, H 'Mossie' Crawford, J Brookes, Percy Palmer, R Smith, Jack Piggott, Stan Comber, Ernie Davies, Hugh Graham, A 'Skinny' Pratt, P 'Tiger' Page, Les White, Harry Caddy

YHS 1949 Football Team

YHS Football Team Circa 1949

Standing: John Wallace, Don Graham, Bob Bridle, Doug Chisholm, ? , xxx Turley, Barry Archbold, ? , John Kerwood, Laurie Castenelli, Ron Castenelli
Seated: Ivan Chessum, xxx Griffith, Kenny Rogers, Lindsay Johnson, Arthur Webb, Mac Dalgleish, John Graham, Fred Marr, Alan Marr
Front Row: Billy Fisher, Stan Briese, Barry Jackson, Max Donelly

YHS 1950 Football Team

YHS Football Team 1950

Standing: Max Donelly, Brian Edmondson, xxx Lindsay, Trevor Cahill, Bob Bridle, Don Chisholm, Gerry Stanley, ? , ? , Laurie Castenelli
Seated: Don Hall, Peter Archbold, Trevor Rhode, Alan Marr, Barry Archbold, Arthur Webb, Kenny Rogers, ? , ?
Front Row: Ron Castenelli, ?

Yallourn Football Club YFC - 1949

Source: Fred Marr

Possibly Yallourn Churches Team - Juniors

Yallourn Football Club

From the collection of Harold Park

1949 Yallourn Football Club YFC

1949 Yallourn Football Club

Back Row: Ian Watt; Cliff Williamson: Des Madden; Allan McIntyre; Ian Robinson; Lloyd Brewer; George Card (Captain/Coach); Bruce Knight; Bernie Nairn; Tom Piggott

Front Row: George Botten; Bill Shaw; Simon Shaw; Bill Godfrey; Ron O’Keefe; Bob McDonough; Max Cordy; Stan Brown

Mascots: Colin Broberg; B Whitmore

1952 Ted Whitten Plays at Yallourn Football Club Football
1947 Yallourn Football Club YFC

1947 Yallourn Football Club
Left to Right
Back Row: Owen Cosgrove (goal umpire); Jack Taylor; Allen Jenner; Allan McIntyre; Jeff Taber; Bruce Knight; Joe Kirkup; Maurice Williams; Bob Chancellor (umpire)
Middle Row: George Botten; George Looby; Bill Shaw; Bill Godfrey (Captain); Keith Laurence; Geoff Collins
Front Row: Stan Brown; Ralph Buzzacot; Jack Higgins; Ian Price; Jimmy Shaw


Caption: Footscray Football Team left Melbourne for Yallourn where it will meet St Kilda today. In this parlour coach are:
(front, from left): D. Reynolds, E. Whitten, A. Abbey, B. Smallwood
(Back Row); A. Linton, A. Edwards, F. Aked

SOURCE: 205401904 ‘THE AGE’ SATURDAY 14th JUNE 1952 PAGE : 8

1939 Yallourn Football Club YFC

Can anyone add any names. Ken Williams is brother of Geoff, who is featured in FROM THE NEWSPAPERS below.

In 1939 Yallourn Blues played Leongatha in the Central Gippsland FL Grand Final at Trafalgar.
In the above photo, Ken Williams is probably the player fourth from the right in the back row. He is standing next to Col Webster. The captain of the team in that CGFL Grand Final was Bert Downes ( formerly of Fish Creek FC).
The final scores were:
Yallourn: 16. 12. 108 defeated Leongatha: 9.9. 63
Goal kickers for Yallourn: Batson 7 Barton 5 Comber 2 Beulke 1 Williams 1
Best players for Yallourn : Webster Downes Piggott Barton Batson Cosgriff Ashmead Edwards.
The field umpire was Jim Cummins and the gate receipts were £120.0.0. The game was broadcasted by 3UL .
1.Yallourn’s star forward that day was George Batson (ex- Warragul) who played 4 games with St Kilda in 1933.
2: In those years, Yallourn FC had two senior teams known as the Blues and the Golds.

1948 Yallourn Football Club YFC

Standing: Ray Kitney, ? , Wally George, George Bates, Sam French, Bruce Knight, B Nairn, Peter Watkinson, John Jackson, Ken McColl, Tom Piggett, Kevin Fanning, Bill Harkins, Roy Whelan, Toby Williams, Russell Kingsley
Sitting: Bill Griffiths, Daryl Knight, ? , Simon Shaw, John Price, Cyril Moreland, George Botten, Stan Brown, Frank Kelly (Coach)

Photo provided by Lauris Stanger

Yallourn Football Club YFC 1972 Jubilee Year

Back Row: ? , Ray Duxbury, David Thompson, Peter Danishewski, Rod McAlister, Don Duncan, ? , Rod McGregor, Gary Vogel, Barry Rowley, ?, Lee Pettigrew?
2nd Back Row: Barry Brewer, Trevor French, ? , Max Bradbury, Colin Feeley, Gary Gallagher, David McLennan, Bruce Mussared, Kevin Smith, Ian Hansen, Greg Evans, Ian Fleming, Col Pettigrew, ?
2nd Row: John Kimberley, Denis Smith, Ray Logan, Ian Cooper, Peter Jackson, Robert (Jock) Welsh, Jack Huxtable, Robin (Buck) Moncur, Joe Dell, Ian ?, Phil Truslove, Barry Mathieson, David Magnuson, Paul Wiggins
1st Row: Mick Lafferty, Ian Burrows, John Lyons ?, Geoff Foggo, Russell Hawken, Graeme French, Peter Dell, Barry Taylor, Alan Bennett, Peter McLennan, John Canovan, Ray McGregor

Yallourn Football Club YFC - 1944 Premiers

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Back Row: Owen Cosgriff, Col Benson, Phil Ashmead, Watson Griffiths, Jack McMichael, Des Madden, Sid Tate, Len Kiernan, Les Greenham, A Organ
Middle Row: Charlie McWilliam (Umpire), Jack Mangan, Fred Byron, Jim Shaw (VC), Bob Edmondson (President), Col Webster (Captain & Coach), Cyril Metcalf, Morrie Rodda, Keith Lawrence, (? Boundary Umpire)
Front Row: (? Trainer), Frank Grey, Jack Boucher, Don Benson, Claude Higginson, Bill Godfrey

Cyril Metcalf is a genuine legend in local football. According to one report, Cyril was still playing Super Rules Football in Gippsland at the age of 77 years. He made his comeback at 74.

Yallourn Football Club YFC - Syd Tate

Ex-Yallourn footballer, Syd Tate, in action at Geelong.
Source: Kornies Football Cards

Yallourn Football Club YFC - Alister Thorpe, Barry Goad, Mike Collins & Neville Gorman

YFC Alister Thorpe shepherding on left Barry Coad gathering the ball with Mike Collins, Neville Gorman and the player behind Mike is Norm Hall

Yallourn Football Club YFC - VFL St Kilda vs Footscray played at Yallourn No 1 Oval in 1952

Source: Original source not known but posted on the St Kilda Football Club website

Yallourn No 1 Oval…it was dreadful day with a deluge and heavy, muddy conditions. St Kilda defeated Footscray by 15 points.

For more info on this VFL game at Yallourn see Jack Huxtable’s story in our football stories.

1948 - U18 Yallourn Churches Football Team - Jack Huxtable

Standing: Keith Walker (Goal Umpire), Tom Oswald, Syd Collins, Gerald Knight, Milton Kingsley, John Kirwood, Jim Watt, Bill White, Bob Oswald (Treasurer)
Middle Row: Claude Hayes (Coach), G Christie, Keith Shepherd, Claude Whitbourne (Bub), Jim Shepherd, John Boag, Keith Squires, Jack Huxtable (Secretary)
Front Row: Bill Lawrey, Ken Passey, Kevin Green

(Missing from team photo are Gilbert McPhee, Bill Blackwood and Mick Blackwood)

Yallourn Football Club YFC 1963-1964

YFC at an Away game (we have white shorts) - probably back to us is Jock McGregor, No 11 maybe Ray Rumbold and face on is Tony Radford