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June 2006 Newsletter - Shirley Marshall YHS 1950

Shirley Marshall YHS 1950 - wrote: I would like to say how appreciative I am for receiving the "Back to Yallourn" book so soon after the reunion. It is a great publication and one which must have entailed a large amount of work.

I do hope the reunion was successful. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but perhaps I will be able to attend the next one. I have enclosed an application form for membership to YOGA. Although I've only had the book for a little over a week, it has evoked so many memories of growing up in Yallourn during the time my father was working at the briquette… more

June 2006 Newsletter - Peggy Steffen YHS 1947

Peggy Steffen YHS 1947 - born in Morwell in 1935 to Snow & Joyce, who moved to a new house at 58 Fairfield Ave in 1936. Dad rode his bike from Morwell to Yallourn Briquette Factory each day - remember that hill! Number 58 was a lovely home to we three kids throughout our childhood.

Barry spent most of his spare time 'over the bush' building dugouts, tree houses and secret places, bringing home anything that wriggled, flew, crawled or swam - much to mum's dismay at times. "Possy" the orphan possum raised in a handbag hung beside the briquette stove; a young joey which hopped… more

June 2006 Newsletter - Olga Dunn (Tabaczynski) YHS 1958

Olga Dunn (Tabaczynski) YHS 1958 - wrote: Did I ever dream we'd leave the Latrobe Valley? NEVER ! Barry had just retired for the 3rd time! We had done ballroom dancing, 10 years of tenpin bowling, clubs & pubs, fishing etc. Being home "together" every day all of a sudden was too much to bear for both of us, kids were doing their own things. (Greg was in Churchill & Julia in Cairns.) Time for a change - but what ? Our friends, Rod & Jan Farmer, had moved 3 years prior from Willow Grove to Clermont in Queensland & always said "come on up & visit us in the Outback" So we… more

June 2006 Newsletter - Lynette Bellamy (Mulgrew) YHS 1955

Lynette Bellamy (Mulgrew) YHS 1955 - wrote: I am an old girl of Yallourn High School having been a student there from 1955 (Form 2) to 1958. I lived out of the township at the Hospital, where my father was the manager. I have only just found out about your association and am thrilled that such a group exists. I was at a meeting in Warragul recently and by way of conversation, I said that I had completed my memoirs (for want of a better word) and did anyone know where I could get them sorted out for printing. I explained that they were mostly of my school years and one of the ladies showed… more

June 2006 Newsletter - Keith Fletcher YHS 1938

Keith Fletcher YHS 1938 - passed away peacefully at home on 7.7.2005 and is survived by his loving wife Shirley, 4 children, 3 stepchildren, 18 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren and sister Joyce Wardley (YHS 1944).

Keith was born to George and Cecilia Fletcher on 5.5.1929 at the Yallourn Hospital and later his sister, Joyce, was born there. Keith loved Yallourn dearly, always looked back on it with great pride and held many happy memories. He always looked forward to the YOGA reunions each year, meeting up with old friends etc and reminiscing old times. He spent his childhood… more

June 2006 Newsletter - Judy Vise (Leech) YHS 1952

Judy Vise (Leech) YHS 1952 sent a photo of the 1955 YHS Marching Team:

(Photo attached)

Remember Mr Cass training the team in military fashion? It was an honour to be selected but, boy!!, did we train hard!! (I later learnt that Wally Cass suffered traumatic experience in the North African desert during WW2.)

June 2006 Newsletter - Irving Stephens YHS 1945

Irving Stephens YHS 1945 - wrote seeking information about Geoff Maddern, Coral Clarke and Gloria Farmer. These were his findings and if anyone can add to these, please contact Julie - “Geoff Maddern lived opposite the high school in Latrobe Avenue. I went to YTS with him and we both completed diplomas in mechanical engineering. My last knowledge of him was that he was employed with a tractor manufacturer in Tottenham.

I have located Coral Clarke (now Gibson) and have written to her but understand that she has not been well.

Gloria Farmer lived at 1 Meadow Lane Yallourn… more

June 2006 Newsletter - Helga & Horst Berg

Helga & Horst Berg - have been members of our Assoc for several years now just to keep up with snippets of Yallourn in our newsletters - now Helga writes: "I want to congratulate the committee for their work in keeping the spirit of Yallourn and the school alive. All of us who have lived in that wonderful town, although we grizzled about the coal dust, can never forget our years there. For us, the Berg family, it meant an easy integration into Australian life (from Germany), we came to the town as raw immigrants, having been in the country for all of 4 years. 23 Parkside was our haven… more

June 2006 Newsletter - Dorothy Taylor (Squires) YHS 1935

Dorothy Taylor (Squires) YHS 1935 wrote "I was thrilled to read Richard Sullivan's letter in the Jan 06 Newsletter. Richard's mother, Ivy, was a great friend of mine and, of course, I saw Richard grow up. Ivy and I visited each other on a Monday afternoon, after spending Monday morning doing our washing (rain or shine!!) and then if the clothes were dry, the ironing was done in the afternoon. During these afternoon visits, whichever one visited would take their knitting (perhaps) and chat while the hostess ironed. When this chore was finished, we enjoyed a home-cooked afternoon tea. These… more

June 2006 Newsletter - David Grant YHS 1957

David Grant YHS 1957 emailed - Our little group had the best turn up ever and we are going to make sure a lot more turn up next time.

(Photo attached) L-R: Jimmy Demetrious, Keith Grant, Zenon Miltiadius

I recently found an old photo of my father taken outside his shop which was on the new library site next to the picture theatre, next to Brian Langdon’s shop. He repaired everyone’s shoes and Peter Cleverley’s grandfather, who lived in Fairfield just down the road from the Presbyterian Church, used to work at home and repair those shoes that dad couldn’t fit in. Mrs Bill… more