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June 2006 Newsletter - Bill Ebbott YHS 1954

Bill Ebbott YHS 1954 wrote: I was introduced to the Yallourn Old Girls/Guys Association by one of my four daughters. Later I became a Julie Francis "victim" and overcome, by her enthusiasm I have responded to her request for the "Bill Ebbott" story.

The YHS influence began for me in 1954 and ended scholastically with an inglorious attempt at Matriculation in 1959 but as shall be revealed, YHS was to have a profound effect on my family's life some 38 years later. Early recollections for a 10 1/2 year-old from the small dairying town of Yinnar include a hazardous bus trip from Yinnar… more

June 2006 Newsletter - Brown Fuel - A poem by Barbara Ellen Cranwell (circa 1926)

Brown Fuel - A poem by Barbara Ellen Cranwell (circa 1926) It lies at the foot of a haunted range Where a stream goes winding through It's a secret hoard that the old earth stored In the place where a forest grew. Centuries long it has lain 'neath the sod And no mortal its presence guessed But the river knew and the dark range too What lay hid in the earth's broad breast. But now all uncovered the treasure lies And the place shows a magic change For a modern town - a place of renown Now stands at the foot of the range. And when men from the earth wrest the rich brown fuel And that fuel to… more

June 2005 Newsletter - Vivien Wakefield (Gardner) YHS 1953

Vivien Wakefield (Gardner) YHS 1953 Well we seem to all have gone quiet since the YOGA back in March. It was good catching up with old schoolmates, and some great photos were taken. Even though I have now seen these mates down the track, I still remember them as they were back in the 50's. I was struck by the fact that almost everyone had white hair!! I suppose mine would be too if I didn't splash red in it! Anyway, I have just received the following on my email, and I thought I would like to pass it on to you for inclusion in a newsletter. There will be no nursing home in my future.… more

June 2005 Newsletter - Robin Bavinton YHS 1958

Robin Bavinton YHS 1958 - The articles by Henry Winters and Judith Dolan (Dickson), have stirred me into action. I have really enjoyed reading the contributions in the YOGA Newsletter and they have bought back many memories of Yallourn and in particular YHS.

Henry wrote of the game of 'Donkey' under the pine trees at the back of the toilets, it sure was a rough and tumble game and I think it was banned sometime in my first year. A less rugged game that was also played in that area was "kick the tin", which as I remember it involved a group of 4 to 6, a circle of about 4 foot in… more

June 2005 Newsletter - Robert Vincent YHS 1954

Robert Vincent YHS 1954 Miss Williams was my teacher for grade 5 and 6, in 1952 and 1953 respectively. My moderate success in life can be greatly attributed to Miss Williams and her excellent teaching. My parents and various teachers in the Yallourn Technical School/College also played a significant part, but Miss Williams provided the keystone in my learning processes. One of her attributes was the respect she showed for each pupils. We just knew that we had a special teacher. So, I went to the Tech. School and created few waves, I even plodded most of the way through a Diploma Course in… more

June 2005 Newsletter - Peter Wallace YHS 1949

(Photo attached)

Peter Wallace YHS 1949 - shares some great recollections with us…….
Dad’s father, Thomas Wallace from Newcastle-on-Tyne (Iron Ship’s Plater) came to Yallourn in about 1923 to build the first power station coal handling gear (telpher gear) and lived in tent houses as per Colin Harvey’s magnificent Power Station History book. I was born in Carnegie in 1937. Mum (Eva) and Dad (Bill [William]) moved to Yallourn in 1938/1939 with Dad initially staying in the West Camp till the family came. Dad being also a ship builder worked in the open-cut maintenance during… more

June 2005 Newsletter - Pam Street (Parker) YHS 1955

Pam Street (Parker) YHS 1955 - I have just been into Esk to pick up my mail from our private box, as we don't have a mail delivery to our property 7 kms out of Esk on the Hampton Road. Thank you so much for the Newsletter from YOGA, I was so thrilled to read it, I will send money order next time I get a chance to update Subscription, as I would not like to miss out on news of days gone by. I went to Yallourn State School and started at the grand age of 4, I dearly remember two teachers Miss Williams - Grade 6 and also John Robinson ? I think that was his name, he also read to the class in… more

June 2005 Newsletter - Malcolm Gibson YHS 1962

Malcolm Gibson YHS 1962 - Another little personal story on the side which relates to Yallourn residents. My father passed away for some 6 years ago now and last year I decided to walk in the Melbourne ANZAC day march to the Shrine of Remembrance in memory of him. During World War two, he was a Lancaster pilot with several British squadrons and was one of the lucky one third of the members of Bomber Command to survive the war. He was not a member of the RSL, but was a member of a group of fellows who named themselves the Odd Bods Association. The association is made up of Australian airmen… more

June 2003 Newsletter - Vivien Wakefield (Gardner) YHS 1953

Vivien Wakefield (Gardner) YHS 1953 Wrote - was rapt to receive my first newsletter and couldn't believe all the names for my year, and to even read a bit by Margaret Jenkins (Huther) - I remember her clearly. My dad used to send for our grocery order from Hinkley's store. I used to catch the bus (Cattle Wagon it was called) at La Mode Factory in Morwell. in 1956 (my last year) I was determined that I wanted the front seat at the top, so got to the bus stop at 7.30 so I was first in line. Whatever seat you got was established for the whole year! I have a terrific photo of a few of us… more

June 2003 Newsletter - Shirley Lockhart (McFarlane) YHS 1946

Shirley Lockhart (McFarlane) YHS 1946 Wrote that reading the list of names of ex students gave her a huge bout of nostalgia!! A few vivid memories include walking down to the complex where Yallourn cafe was situated, to have music lessons from Miss Mortimer. Shirley remembers being nervous having to play the piano for the big school assemblies – there seemed to be hundreds of staff and students (but there probably weren't!) We always seemed to have "Sussex By the Sea" as one of the songs. After YHS, I trained as a primary teacher and taught for nearly 30 years. I'm now a divorced mother of… more