Photo - Charlie Turner and the Yallourn Band in later years

Yallourn - Year by Year - 1930

The first sod in the Victorian Government’s ambitious scheme to generate electricity at Yallourn was turned more than a century ago (sometime around 1920);  and for the next six decades  the unique township of Yallourn ‘took root,  prospered, bloomed, withered and died’….

“Yallourn was swallowed by the coal mine it was built to serve” … ‘The Herald Sun’ May 2016.

In this history series for the Virtual Yallourn website, various years in the life of the Yallourn have been researched and posted on the website. The monthly news items, listed below, attempt to highlight some of the stories, about the township and its residents that made the local and national newspapers during 1930.


JANUARY: Delegates to the 10th Annual Education Conference of the Federated State School Teachers’ Association visited Yallourn. The group travelled by chartered train for the outing.

FEBRUARY: The Yallourn Band is quite a story in the town’s history; and, in that era, it went from ‘strength to strength.’ Following the departure of Mr McMahon in late 1929, Mr C. J. Turner, previously of Stawell, was appointed as the Bandmaster at Yallourn. Mr Turner (better known as Charlie) made an immediate impact; and a story about his inspiring leadership of the band can be read on this website.

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