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Jim Hill Yallourn Tennis 1
The Fewster Family

The Fewster family moved to Yallourn in the early 1920's. Arthur William Edson Fewster and his wife Hilda Isabell Fewster, along with their six children, the youngest being Alfred Lewis (my father). AWE had served in WW1 as a lieutenant in the Australian Army and then settled in Warragul before moving on to Yallourn as an Engineer. When AWE and hilda arrived they were moved into 8 Northway. AWE was very involved with the progress of the town and a great orchid grower having a large hot house and glass house on the property. Five of the six children slowly moved on to other ventures away… more

Yallourn Swimming Club by Arthur Brogan (circa 1991) and footnote by Kevin Brogan (2015)

The Club was established down on the Latrobe River in 1930. It was located on the road to the Town Water Supply Pump House. The site is still accessible today from the same road which starts opposite Yallourn W Power Station, however it has changed a lot since the early swimming days.
In the early days swimmers had to walk or ride bikes from the town down an old bike track towards the Power Station, turn off before reaching the West Camp and then on past Horrie Devine’s House/ Carrier Business and down the Pump House road. The river was much wider then and the pool area was fenced… more

Stories from YOGA Newsletters: Marjorie Dickson (Ebsworth) Jan 2002 - Yallourn Buses

See attachment

Sir John Monash statue

Where did Sir John Monash statue go after Yallourn?

The Town That Isn't There by Charmaine Housden

The Town That Isn’t There

I grew up in an industrial company-town in Victoria, from the time I was nine until I left school at sixteen.

My father emigrated from Wales after World War II to find work in Australia as a Blacksmith. He wasn’t shoeing horses as may be imagined, but had experience in heavy engineering in the ship-building industry in our home town. That expertise took him into the manufacture and maintenance of heavy machinery at the Power Station in Gippsland where he found work.

My mother, sister and I followed him to Australia a year later when a new… more


"Merry Christmas" Jules to your and your virtual Yallourn team!!! Thank you for another great year of info!! Helen Hender x


Some time ago I contacted the daughter of Jim Vincent. I was with Jim in the ÿallourn Little Theater"during the 1950 and 1960 period. She contacted me but unfortunately I have lost contact.
If you are still there please send me an email or here is my address: 17 the ridgeway Pakenham 3810.
Bill Wybenga

FROM THE NEWSPAPERS - 1934 - Christmas at Yallourn State School 4085 (Yallourn Primary School YPS)

This extract from the ‘Morwell Advertiser’ reported on a visit to the Yallourn State School by Father Christmas in 1934. The brief article was published in the newspaper on the 10th January 1935 (Page: 9)…
10th January 1935 Morwell Advertiser Page 9
Yallourn State School
A happy afternoon was spent at the Infant School on Tuesday, the 19th December, when Father Christmas again visited the… more

Doug Williams Yallourn Football Club YFC Past Player

Some sad news for people of Yallourn…..Doug Williams passed away on Monday, 18 August 2014 at the age of 93.
Doug played with Yallourn FC…then Carlton and…. then coached in Tasmania and then played with Morwell FC before retiring from football.
Carlton FC have a tribute planned and will be wearing black arm bands against Port Adelaide in memory/honour of Doug.
Doug’s story is on our Virtual Yallourn website - - or search "football".