Ken, Josephine & Michael Lamin moved to Yallourn on the 5 July 1955 to live at 25 Driffield Road. Ken, a mining engineer, had accepted an Engineering position in the Investigations Section, headed by Tom Adams.
Previously, the family resided in Mt Isa where Ken worked for Mt Isa Mines.
Photo is of Michael Lamin at the front of 25 Driffield Road, looking towards the Champion's house (Number 27). Second photo is of Michael Lamin on his trike at the back of 25 Driffield Road, looking towards Sneddon's (Number 23). Note the steepness of the block which made the driveways at both 23 & 25 Driffield Road challenging. The Lamin family lived at 25 Driffield Road until the 20 December 1960, during which time Catherine & Tom arrived.