Hope to see you there - we have both indoor and outdoor venues so weather is not an issue.

Standing: Syd Davies, Max Fox, Brian Downey
Sitting: Marj Barton, Jean Hattam, Helen Gregson

Standing: Elaine Walters, Mavis Webb
Sitting: Sonja Ostlund, Fae Lawson, Eril Stephens, Nancy Smith, June Blenkiron, Lorraine Johnston

Standing: Brian Clifton, Bruce King, Tom Pritchett
Sitting: Dorothy Edwards, Kay Spurrier, Marion O'Hara

Standing: Bruce Tulloch, Dennis Ross
Sitting: Judy Ross, Murray Wigg

Standing: John Catchpole, Henry Winters, Bob Barton, Stan Hunt
Sitting: Norm Hall, Barbara Lees, Bob Docking

Standing: Spencer Sandilands, Marje Gray, Sheila Martin, Ann Clark, Rod Thompson, Kath Wharton
Sitting: Bruce Lewis, Janina Perechoden, Margot Teasdale, Marilyn Kennedy, Midge Kempster, Colin Nash

Standing: Doug Loft, Colin Ellis, Collin Johnston, Bruce Davis
Sitting: Sally Hardy, Jenny Gibby, Susan Wallace, Annette Parry

Standing: Kevin Brogan, Frank Rushton, Ray Garland
Sitting: Susanne Sandilands, Carol Hunt, Chris Vincent

Standing: Bob Teasdale, Albie Kenny, Ron Hannon, Sleepy Magnuson, John Jakobson, Peter Lock
Sitting: Mr Rupe Harrison, Barbara Hunt, Karen Pontin, Wayne Lock

Back Row: Graeme Sneddon, Lachlan McPherson, Bruce Betts, Bart Milojevic, Gary Smith, Ian Pringle, Jeff Browitt
Middle Row: Bev Malpass, Jeanette Foggo, Helene Wall, Dianne Robertson, Chris Francis, Sandra Prust
Front Row: Dianne Charleston, Mr Rupe Harrison, Judy Williams, Jennie Langdon, Marilyn Gloz, Carole Sagar, Beverley Mee

Back Row: Ralph Harrison, Ann McAlister, Graham Dowers, John Crane, Ron Boskma, Leonne Krygsman
Middle Row: David McLennan, Steve George, June Kitney, Vivianne Brown, Faye Courtney, Neil Harrison
Front Row: Mr Rupe Harrison, Liz Aspinall, Caral Amos, Irene Rickman, Merlene Wilkinson, John Gloz

Standing: Danny Burns, Robyn Parry, Alison Webb
Sitting: Mr Rupe Harrison, Gail Harrison, Helen Hender, Lidia Ingravalle, Julie Francis

Karen Burns, Helen Simpson, Elizabeth Kingsley

Back Row: Debbie MacKeown, Jo Euston, Leonie Crozier, Mark Whitmore
Middle Row: Dianne Kelly, Kendal Taylor, Wendy Hunter, Doris Jaritz
Front Row: Julie Austin, Veronica Walsh, Suzy Taylor, Stephen Cox, Linda Anthony
Sign Holder: Annie Robertson

Albie Kenny, Jenny Gibby, Collin Johnston

After the photo session - 1970s

Danny Burns & Alison Webb (I don't think she believes him!)

Anita Grace & John Jakobson

Arriving in the rain

Annie Robertson, Leonie Crozier, Suzy Taylor

Bart Milojevic

Bob Docking & Norm Hall

Bruce & Nettie Tulloch

Carole Sagar & Carol Hunt

Carole Sagar & Helen Hender

Carol Hunt, Julie Francis, Chris Francis

Chris Francis & Jeff Browitt

Colin Nash

David Balfour

Elaine Walters & Marion O'Hara

Eril Stephens & Lorraine Johnston

Fae Lawson & Keith Horman

Karen & Diane Findlay

Gail Wilson & Helen Hender

Looking through old school photos - Lorraine Johnston, Robyn Parry, Gail Wilson, Helen Hender & Neil Harrison

Helsy Wall, Josef Sestokas, Mavis Webb, Barbara Hunt, Bruce King & Graham Beanland

The feared hockey player - Jeanette Foggo

John Crane & Merlene Wilkinson

John Gloz

John Crane, Lachlan McPherson, Sandra Prust, Dianne Robertson

Judy Williams with her husband and our fabulous caterer, Richard Walsh

Julie & Chris Francis

Karen Burns waiting for friend, Helen Simpson

Leonie Crozier & Annie Robertson - What The??

Marilyn Gloz & Helsy Wall

Marilyn Gloz, Karen Pontin, Graeme Sneddon, Carole Sagar, Dianne Robertson & Sandra Prust

Mark Whitmore, Suzy Taylor & Veronica Walsh

Merlene Wilkinson, Mr Rupe Harrison & Albie Kenny (showing off his handy work)

Neil Harrison & Julie Francis

Peter Gray & Frankie Widdows

Peter Lock & Mr Rupe Harrison

Steve Cox & Paul Walsh

Robin Bavinton, Midge Kempster & Jenny Gibby

Sally Hardy & Bob Docking

San, Doug Loft & Albie Kenny

Sheila Martin, Midge Kempster, Janina Perechoden, Spencer Sandilands & Rod Thompson

Sonja Ostlund & Julie Francis

Sonja Ostlund, Julie Francis & Mavis Webb

Sonja Ostlund, Marj Barton, Elaine Walters & Syd Davies

Syd Davies & Eril Stephens

Wayne Lock, Peter Lock & Kevin Brogan



Hi Colin...thanks for the confirmation - if you can work out how to use this website, anyone can!! Welcome and from having no emails or PC skills a short time ago, to commenting here online - you've done a great job!! See you at the next reunion. Julie