Yallourn Residents Survey

Did you live in Yallourn? If so, please partake in a special project called “Virtual Yallourn” to go on our website, where you can walk down your street in Yallourn, visit your old home and find who lived there prior to you or after you, possibly view a photo of your old house and read who the neighbours were at any given time, plus enjoy the memories of other residents of your address. Simply answer the following questions and return to Julie as above. If you didn’t live in Yallourn but know someone who did, feel free to pass on to them to complete. Let’s make this work together.

Address 1

Please enter the details for the house in Yallourn where you lived (Address, Time Period, Neighbours and any memories you have of the place).

If you lived in more than one house please enter that information under addresses 2, 3 & 4 below.

Which street in Yallourn was your house