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Very happy childhood at this house. We had a very productive vegetable garden and fruit trees, plus hen house. Monday mornings - continuous row of clothes lines from house to house - filled with sheets etc from weekly wash. We had a big sleepout used firstly for migrants from Scotland and then by my brother, Peter. Guy Fawkes night bonfire for our street was usually organised by Barry Steffen, but sometimes on footpath outside our house....Mary

Immediate Neighbours: 60 - Curtis; 64 - Robinson, McWilliam, Ashwood & Robertson
Nearby Neighbours: Steffen, Thompson, Johnson, Shaw, Douglas, Smith, Drane, Scholes, King, MacRae, Davey, Love, Stott, Marshall, Dearman, Entwistle, Mooney, Davey, Guy, Cain, Stephens - see attached map.

Bennett 62 Fairfield Avenue
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62 Fairfield Ave - Bennett Family

Monday Washing Day - Peter & Mary Bennett

62 Fairfield Ave - Bennett Family

Birthday Party for Mary Bennett at 62 Fairfield Avenue
Back Row: Margaret Robinson, Helen Johnson, Jean Stephens
Middle Row: Shirley Marshall, Marie Burke, Norma Davey, Peggy Steffen, Pauline Thomson
Front Row: Pat Marshall, Mary Bennett, Eileen Love ?, Maureen Love, Valda Steffen