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Memories Resident Family House

Immediate Neighbours - McFarlane; Beck
Nearby Neighbours - Humphrey, Foggo, Dickson, Christopher, Amos Woods - See Map

Trewin's used to run the picture theatre and then later the Village theatre in Morwell - had two daughters ? & Bev
Christopher's had an air raid shelter in their back yard; looked like a little hill , remained until the house was removed.
Lillian Beck was one of the organisers of "Thespians". Eileen Carolan acted in many of the Thespians productions and later so did I.
Mrs Adam's used to organise the "paper boys" for the delivery of the local papers: "Live Wire" and later the "Express"
Michael Wall reported one day that he had slipped and fallen on a nail (injury side of head near temple). It was later discovered that he and Billy Adams were mucking around with a slug gun and Billy accidentally shot him.
I was 5 when we moved in and 19 when we moved out...many memories...Neil

Carolan 1 Ridgeway East