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Wolff 3 Allambee Crescent
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John Wolff age 96 swimming laps

John Wolff was an active member of the Swimming Club during the time I was involved in the 1960s.
He took part in a veterans 110 meters race at the age of 97 and was still doing his laps up until a few weeks before he passed away aged 103 and 11 months on Christmas day 2016.

John Wolff age 101 2014


Yes that is correct. She always used her 2nd name Lorna rather than what is on her birth certificate (Edith). My parents were married in 1947 and lived at the Yallourn Hotel while the house at 3 Allambee Crescent was being built. I was born in 1951 and my sister Louise, in 1957. We lived there until January 1966 when Dad (John Wolff) transferred to the SEC in Geelong.


I thought that Mrs. Wolff was Lorna Wolff and their children Diane and Louise.