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My grandparents, Robert Dinsdale and Elsie (nee Mould) came to Australia in 1926 with their sons William (my Dad) and Robert.
They lived in Jumbuck for a while and then moved to Yallourn.
Robert Snr had been a miner in Yorkshire, but left due to a lung condition.
They lived at 38 Latrobe Avenue according to the Electoral Roll. The earliest one I have with that address is 1931.
I remember Dad saying that Elsie used to work as a cleaner at the school, but I have only seen her as "home duties" on the electoral rolls.
Elsie's parents, John Edward Mould and Annie (nee Coltman) came out to Australia in 1928. They lived with my Grandparents in Yallourn.
Robert died in 1937, about a week after my Dad's 21st birthday. He was buried on 18th August 1937 at the Yallourn Cemetery.
John Edward Mould died in May 1938. He was buried at the Yallourn Cemetery on 31st May 1938.
My Dad married Gladys Kenny of Trafalgar in 1941 and lived in Trafalgar after that. (He passed away in 1975.)....Ann Dinsdale

Dinsdale 38 Latrobe Avenue

The 1943 Electoral Roll has Elsie living at 34 Latrobe Ave with Annie.
Elsie married David Ough in 1945 and they lived at 34 Latrobe Ave, according to the 1949 Electoral Roll, but had relocated to 16 Langford Street, Morwell by 1954.
In the 1949 Electoral Roll John & Annie's son John Edward Mould had moved from UK with his wife and lived at Hernes Oak.
Annie was still living with Elsie when she died in 1954. She was buried at the Yallourn Cemetery 29th March 1954.
Elsie died in Churchill in 1979 and was also buried at the Yallourn Cemetery.
David Ough died in 1961 but I don't know where he is buried, I don't really remember him, I was only 3 when he died....Ann Dinsdale

Dinsdale 34 Latrobe Avenue
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YHES - 1928 Form E

Dad (Bill Dinsdale) is sitting and wearing a hat....Ann Dinsdale