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Robert (dad) was the deputy head at Yallourn State School and Dorothy (mum) was a maths teacher at Yallourn High School. She ultimately became deputy head at Oakleigh HS and played the lead female role in a number of Gilbert & Sullivan operettas played by YHS to raise money for the school. John went to YPS from 1952-56 and David went there from 1948 (he started when he was 4) until 1953 - he was taught in Grade 6 by his father, Robert. He then went to YHS until 1956 and was taught mathematics by his mother, Dorothy. Bronwyn went to YPS from 1955-56.
Downhill to school, uphill home. Icecreams were threepence and you could get 8 bullets for a penny!

Nearby Neighbours: Wingrave opposite, Norden.

Evans 19 Tanjil Crescent