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D'Alterio Family leased the shop in 39 Centre Way which was registered as "D'Als Foods" and was also know as "D'Alterio's Cafe" or the "The Cafe" from 1967 to 1973. The D'Alterio family purchased the business from Len & Mary Auchettl and when we left approximately 12 - 18 months after dad (Lou) died, the business was purchased by Rob and Jill Martin.

Lou D'Alterio extended the business by taking the shop area well back into the rear storage area and created a fresh vegetable area.

In the summer people flocked to the shop for a soft serve ice cream and many a customer walked out with an "ice cream headache" after partaking a "Pineapple Crush" to quickly.

The shop also filled quickly as customers came in at the close of the cinema.

They lived next door to the Catholic Nuns Convent (No 1 Ridgeway West).

D'Alterio 3 Ridgeway West