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Memories Resident Family House

Mr & Mrs Driver lived here before us and we were the last residents.

Immediate neighbours: No 4 - Marj & Les Fankhauser; No 8 - Iris & Gerald Sutton - then Ian & Ann Milroy
Nearby neighbours: No 2 - Tullochs then Lofts; No 5 - Roberts; No 7 - Pattersons; No 9 - Fitzgerald; Johnsons, Prusts, Park, Dear, Mylecarane

Memories of playing in the cul-de-sac street at the back with all kids living in the street. Having a metal hook for tennis practice set in middle of end of cul-de-sac. Alan Fankhauser building tree house in street - having turns to climb up (sometimes girls not allowed). Being warm in the kitchen and lounge room, then running to bed as it was freezing in rest of house. Rolling down the front lawn, playing under the sprinkler in hot weather, having lots of fruit trees in back yard and picking fruit to take to school as required (apples, plums, nectarines and I think pears). Running down to the little shop for errands and for lollies and broken biscuits. The grocer would come to mum and take her shopping list, then return the next day with the goods.

A peaceful happy time. When our friends from Hazelwood Cres (Chittems) moved to other hill, Jill Chittem (Medew) and I would run through the bush joining both hills to visit and play. We would have picnics in the bush and sometimes our mums would come as well....Maureen

Austin 6 Tanjil Place
Austin 1 Hazelwood Crescent