District Nursing Service

The District Nursing Service was founded in 1967 and cared for discharged patients in their homes. Area covered included Yallourn, Moe and out to Willow Grove and Narracan.

For many years, Roma Peters was the senior District Nurse. Initially sharing a single car between two nurses, which necessitated one being dropped to deal with a patient whilst the second took the car on to another patient, the introduction of a second car was very welcome. This Ford Cortina Station Wagon was favoured by Elaine Hayes. Ealier cars included and HK Holden and a Falcon, both far too large for their task. Later, the hospital switched to much smaller and economical Ford Lasers.

The sign on the door was formed of a brittle plastic, the letters prominently moulded outward, with magnetic stripes around the edges. The hard plastic quickly cracked in the heat and frequently blew off the car in strong winds.