Richard Francis

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David Apps - Rovers and Scouts

David Apps - approx 1960 - on the slopes of Mt Erica sitting in an ex-stock car with a 38 Ford V8 motor cobbled to a truck gearbox. It was used for a bit of sport on the forest tracks in the area. This was probably the last time it was driven as the engine had seized coming back down the track, the car had spun three times when the back wheels locked and that is a look of relief on the driver's face since, most surprisingly, the car stayed on the road. And, yes, it had no brakes hence the rocks chocking the front wheels (the stock car may have belonged unofficially to the Frank Hurley Rover Scout Group)....RF

Richard Francis
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YHS 1960 - Form 6 - Matric Class

Form 6 in 1960 - Matriculation Class

Back Row: Richard Bush, Andrew Spaull, Ron Rawiller, Robin Fitzgerald, Peter Roberts, John Robert
2nd Back Row: Ken Hannon, Geoff Unwin, Jim McArthur, Tom Griggs, Richard Francis, Barry Hayward, Fred Billington
2nd Row: Doug Seymour, Graeme McHenry, Beth Crook, Janice Bawden, Leonie Godridge, George Jegorow, Ivan Medew, Aldis Pumpurs
Front Row: Beryl Duncan, Leola Loft, Elaine Verey, Barbara Davine, Mr Don Dyall, Isobel Docherty, Judy Guy, Anne Vincent, Nancy Morrison