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Joseph (Joe) Christie first went from South Melbourne to Yallourn as a Tech School teacher just after the Second World War (around 1945). He boarded as a single man somewhere near the town centre. He married Olive in Melbourne in 1946 and moved to Yallourn and into 17 Tanjil Crescent. Rhondda was born at the Yallourn Hospital in December 1948 and then Maxine was born there in September 1950. Rhondda remembers going to kindergarten and then started school at Yallourn Primary School. She also recalls the Queen's visit and all the school children being lined up near the town centre to see the motorcade pass. They were given flags and a medal. "I remember the pretty town centre and the stores and other buildings that surrounded it. I remember the Health Centre, the Library, the Fire Station, the Railway Station, the Technical School and walking past the High School many times to get from the town to our house. I remember the Picture Theatre, Tennis Courts and various churches. My parents were both very keen gardeners. I remember that Yallourn had many very lovely home gardens and tree lined streets. Mum & Dad entered gardening competitions and won many times with flowers, fruits and preserves. One year they won the Fawkner Medal for the best garden in Yallourn (I still have this medal). I have many other fond memories of my early childhood in Yallourn"....Rhondda.

Neighbours: Preston, Evans, Wingrave & Savage

Christie 17 Tanjil Crescent