11 Banksia Crescent

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Banksia Crescent
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Black weatherboard and corrugated iron roof - 3 bedroom - feltex carpet and kitchen linoleum

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Memories Resident Family House

Great times - Primary School across the road. Higher Elementary and Technical School not far away - ovals and swimming pool just down the road and the theatre up the corner.

During the war, one day at lunch time home from school, anit-aircraft guns opened fire on an aircraft which had strayed into the no-fly zone over Yallourn. Thought we were being bombed!! Air raid shelters being built in the back yards.

Sewerage system being installed. Briquette hot water service being installed in houses to replace chip bath heaters. My father establishing a large vegetable garden. Being a member of the Yallourn churches football team and then on committee of Yallourn Football Club. left Yallourn in 1957 to work at various locations with SEC before returning in 1964.

In 1946, we moved into 8 Office Place when the McKean family shifted to Melbourne and I lived there until 1974 when I built my present home in Morwell.

Mr & Mrs Jack Manners and daughter, Marge, lived at 11 Banksia Cres after us, and then Charles Spencer.

Immediate Neighbours: Mr & Mrs Bill Dowd and daughter, Kathleen; Mr & Mrs Lou Parry
Nearby Neighbours: 8 Office Pl - Mr & Mrs McKean and son Jock; 6 Office Pl - Mr & Mrs Alan Selby, Peter & Joan; 10 Office Pl - Mr & Mrs Harry Bayley; 5 Banksia Cres - Mr & Mrs Jim Watkinson and family

Huxtable 11 Banksia Crescent
Warner 11 Banksia Crescent
Manners 11 Banksia Crescent
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