6 Banksia Street

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Banksia Street
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Outside - colour was dark brown oiled weatherboards with brown paint round windows and doors. - large open front verandah and large back verandah with a ramp up from driveway. From front entered into small loungeroom. Hallway up the middle of house, kitchen/dining one end, bathroom other, 2 bedrooms opening either side of hallway, short hall from bathroom to 3rd bedroom, large linen cupboards in this small hallway. Timber floor with own carpets. Lino in kitchen and bathroom. Walls of plain pine panelling with black wooden slats to cover joins; ceilings white with black criss-cross slats (probably to save costs and maybe to look “Tudor”?). No wallpaper. In our time Dad converted large kitchen to living/dining room replacing wood stove with open fire place and converting pantry to kitchenette. Laundry/wash-house to left off small internal back porch.

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Memories Resident Family House

I attended Yallourn Primary school whilst at this house; lived here during ww2 (will send attachment relating to this later); went to the Presbyterian Church; was in numerous concerts and junior choirs; spent 3-4 months in hospital with rheumatic fever; Janet Frost was hit by a car on the corner near our house while riding her bike; was in Brownies. In 1944 we were learning about time and clocks when we were told to go home as a fire was coming over Coach Road Hill; Hernes Oak kids had to stay at school as the fire had cut across the track home; my friends and I had to go to French’s house as it was brick; and we watched the fire go through the scrub out back – also watched as my mum and Mrs Carr hosed the houses and chook pens; also watched Miss Partington (Infant teacher at YPS) delegated to look after the Hernes Oak kids riding her bike back and forth to check on her house! Swimming in the OLD pool; collecting spider orchids and other native flowers from the bush at the back of the pool; picnicking and riding bikes on the “hills” behind the drain at the back of the sports fields; and ice creams and ice-blocks from the Meadows kiosk at the Pool.

General Comments: My family was part of a large Scottish community in the town. New Year’s Eve was always a big celebration at the potting sheds at Jock Lawson’s in the nursery on Eastern road. My Dad Jimmy (Jim) Love worked on the electrical maintenance of the houses of Yallourn and Yallourn North, whilst my Mum, Flo (Flora) Love, was heavily involved in a lot of community and church organisations, sang in choirs and was on various committees. My Dad’s boss Mr Whitehouse was Father Christmas to ALL clubs, churches and organisations for years so that wherever you went it was always the same Santa (Santa was real !!), and my Dad was his ‘elf’ who helped him get ready and drove him everywhere – mind you I didn’t find this out until I was an adult!!!

Immediate Neighbours: 8 - Thomas (up to about 1939); then Carr (left about 1950/51); then Cleverley (up to removal of Yallourn); 4 - Mills (up to 1950).
Nearby Neighbours: 2 - Jones; 10 - Sherry; 12 - Mrs Boucher; 14 - Grant; 3 - French; 5 - Oddy brothers; 7 - ?; 9 - Hamilton; 11 - Milne; 13 - English; 15 - Edwards; 1 Parkside - Streeter; 3 Parkside - Padfield; 5 Parkside - Glen
We were the first in this house and after us, can't remember name - he was a truck drive - drove the SEC lowloader; then Dupree about 1952

Love 6 Banksia Street
Dupree 6 Banksia Street
Davenport 6 Banksia Street
McMaster 6 Banksia Street
Biddler 6 Banksia Street
Martin 6 Banksia Street


Don and Peggy McMaster were living in this house from about 1950 to about 1955 when they shifted to Chamberlain Road in Newborough.
Don drove a tip truck and delivered fire wood. They had three boys Alan Greg and Ian and after they shifted to Newborough a fourth boy Bruce. Peggy McMaster was a neice of Mrs Boucher who lived at 12 Banksia Street.
Duprees shifted into the house in 1955 after arriving from England. Can't remember the parents names but Mr Dupree ended up becoming a Cub leader and the childrens names were Phillip, Lorraine and Geoffrey.