42 Banksia Street

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Banksia Street
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Laundry was on opposite side to that shown on the house plan.

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Memories Resident Family House

John - I was born in Yallourn in Nov 1942, Dr Andrew's baby, and lived at the Band Hall on the east side of the briquette factory for a few years until my sister, Judy, arrived. Then it was off to 42 Banksia St in about late 1944. Mum & Dad (Bill and Joyce) lived there until mid 1970 when they purchased a property in Morwell.
Lots of very fond memories of Yallourn days. Mr Claxton and his horse and bread cart, the ice delivery by vehicle, replacement of the blue stone pitchers which formed the driveway entries and the road side gutters - with concrete curbing! Night cart to sewerage. I can recall Johnny K and me clearing our front fence with ease after giving the nightman same cheek - with him not too far behind. Never did that again! Giving the nightman lip or clearing the front fence!
We use to get a ride with Mr Claxton to the Meadows Bakery at Yallourn North and walk home! We used to wander all over the place. During winter we would swim in the Latrobe River below the original dam at Yallourn Power Station - from the Yallourn North side in the warm water - out of the reach of the SEC patrolmen! We would walk to near White City at Morwell, via Morwell Bridge, dodging copperhead snakes to get to aircraft stored in a paddock. We used to spend hours flying them, then we would walk home to Banksia St. Carefree days they were ... that was all before Saturday cricket (St John's) - Andy Smith was our coach and Chooka Barton's dad used to ferry us to away games in the back of a Vauxhall ute. Then there was soccer - The Kola Wanders! Ray Macky? and Murray Lobley - then Aussie Rules with Joe Carmody.

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