6 Boola Crescent

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Boola Crescent
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Memories Resident Family House

The house was situated on a very steep part of the Coach Road hill and was difficult to access. During winter it was very damp and clothing and footwear regularly were mouldy. One good aspect of the house was the view from the lounge room windows across the valley.
Immediate Neighbours: 4 - A Hawkins; 8 - Park
Nearby Neighbours: 2 - Broberg; 10 - Lacey; 1 - Evans; Walker; Grant; White

Heskey 6 Boola Crescent
Leadbeter 6 Boola Crescent

Electoral Roll - 6 November 1968

Green 6 Boola Crescent
Nicholas 6 Boola Crescent


The Nicholas Family ( Mr & Mrs Nicholas, Arthur and Marion) family lived in 6 Boola prior to Heskeys. Nicholas's then moved to 4 Park Crescent.