31 Broadway West

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Broadway West
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Memories Resident Family House

Fantastic - we had a big frontage on a dog leg in the road and across the back a wedge shaped yard meant three homes across the back, so with the front having three homes facing us in all, we had 8 neighbours! A bung of vegie patches, a lovely lawn to play on, the liquid amber trees to climb up in the summer, so you could hide in the leaves. The big piles of autumn leaves in the early winter smouldering away. We had a great time in our house, a fantastic place to have a family.
Immediate Neighbours: Mrs Sagar, then Mrs Driscoll; Mr & Mrs Irving
Nearby Neighbours: Albie & Jenny Wharf; Tom & Dora Evans; Joe & Eve Davis; Mr & Mrs Watkinson; Dyte - Phil & Nola, Tom & Maisie?; Gregory (Trish); McMay; Cuff; Driscoll

Gray 31 Broadway West
Whitehouse 31 Broadway West