32 Broadway West

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Broadway West
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Rough cast exterior, various window and door trims over the years. Kitchen/dining area. All carpet except bathroom & laundry and a sleep-out for boarders.

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Memories Resident Family House

23 years of my life! As a spoilt adopted only child, I am so grateful for my time and upbringing at this house (home). Too many memories to list here. In 1967, married Faye Smyth (YHS) raised 3 daughters and lived in 7 Tyres Ave until 1973 - relocated to Morwell, but still worked at Yallourn Post Office till 1976.
Immediate Neighbours: 30-Mrs Fowles and long term boarder Joe Davis; 34-Clifton family (Millie & Jack and son Brian) and then James & Anne Watkinson
Nearby Neighbours: 36-Mrs Grenfell (sons Peter & Ken). Opposite-J Whitehouse then his daughter Tess & Col Gray and family; 33-Mrs Armstrong & daughter Elizabeth. 12 Westbrook Rd-The McColls
Julie Francis wrote: I remember when Jimmy was a postie and my younger brother, Martin, & I unwound the inside of a golf ball and put the elastic contents from one side of the road to the other and "pinged" Jimmy as he drove past...don't think he was too happy but we thought it was great fun.

Evans 32 Broadway West
Robertson 32 Broadway West


Tommy and Dora Evans lived here too.