Yallourn High School 1965 Rupert Harrison - teacher

Yallourn High School

My Dad seemed to take on many roles but his main job was a teacher at Yallourn High School...Kathy


He was an excellent teacher. I enjoyed his classes at Yallourn immensely. Later when I was a student teacher he was my supervisor at Beaumaris.


He was our English teacher in Year 12 and his thinking was years beyond where we were. His experiences in the RAF/RAAF were of great interest to me. He had heaps of patience and it was not until after I left school I realised how good he was. His attempts to get big scores opening the batting for Yallourn CC were legend. He ran into some unwarranted an unnecessary flack over being mature and honest in the use of certain terms and phrases in the English course which others thought were not appropriate in relation to Year 12. This was my first taste of 'others' imposing their moral standards on us - which by today's standards- are quite laughable.