38 Church Street

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Church Street
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Two bedroom, rough cast house painted white with green woodwork. Lino in kitchen, bathroom, "washhouse", back porch; carpet square in "front room", mats in bedrooms, carpet square and runner in hallway. Brown tonings throughout. Sewer installed early 50s. The only tenants were the Williams family from 1939 to 1975.

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Memories Resident Family House

An only child - dad (Arthur) died in 1950. Mum & I there until I was married in 1960. Mum there till 1975. No car - we walked to school, guides at night. No worries. We knew we could go into anyone's house if we needed help. "Lav" down the back before sewer. Carried hot water from copper in "washhouse" to bathroom.

Immediate Neighbours: 36 - Alf & Mattie Organ; 40 - Tom & Clarice Williams (no relation)
Nearby Neighbours: 34 - Percy & Alma Grave; 42 - Harold & Margaret Larkin; 44 - Quinlivan; 50 - Frank & Daisy Menner; 52 - Bill & Doris Armstrong

Williams 38 Church Street