18 Erica Street

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Erica Street
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Memories Resident Family House

The yard was sticky light brown-orange clay from one end to the other, upon which we applied soil by the horse and dray load to create a garden over a number of years. This home became our castle in a town where employment, education, health, recreational facilities, church, various clubs, cultural pursuits, social stability were the norm. People came for miles around to benefit from these facilities. Few towns through towns in Gippsland could boast having so many facilities. The Yallourn Tech offered 4 tertiary Diploma courses (2 years post-Matric). Trade and Professional status was sought and achieved by many young folk.
Immediate Neighbours: DeCosta, then Val & Prue McGoldrick; Redman then George & Sonja Bates
Nearby Neighbours: Dunstan, Dr Phillips, North - Renwick; Embry, Dougan; Murphy/Dingwall; Mack, McArthur; Rowella; Martin; Garner; Robinson; Roberts; Smith; Brown; Thornton; O'Connell; Hill; O'Brien; Driscoll; Lacey

Vincent 18 Erica Street
Sterne 18 Erica Street
Callinan 18 Erica Street
Crabbe 18 Erica Street
Geier 18 Erica Street
Clark 18 Erica Street