19 Fairfield Avenue

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Fairfield Avenue
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Cream - timber - 3 bedroom - outside toilet

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Memories Resident Family House

Very happy memories - mum had boarders and they were mainly school teachers. All keen on enjoying themselves and having the children join in...Tom
After us lived Jack & Pat Taylor.
Immediate neighbours - Buckley & Turnbull
Nearby neighbours - Webster, Harvey, French & McIntosh

Pritchett 19 Fairfield Avenue

Large veggie garden and flower garden.

Neighbours: Mrs Pritchett, Mrs Flo Morris, Buckley family, Tom Hayes & family, Evans family, Mr Collins, French family

Scott 19 Fairfield Avenue

Electoral Roll 6 Nov 1968

Brewer 19 Fairfield Avenue
Taylor 19 Fairfield Avenue
Hamilton 19 Fairfield Avenue