26 Fairfield Avenue

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Fairfield Avenue
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Pretty standard 3 bedroom SEC house. However, we did have a 2 bedroom bungalow out the back which was great to play in and also to store stuff. We had an updated kitchen which we thought was very flash, carpet in the lounge and later in the bedrooms, but lino everywhere else. An old chip heater in the bathroom which had to be lit to provide hot water for a bath. It was great when that was replaced with the briquette heater that was placed in the laundry.

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Memories Resident Family House

Very friendly neighbourhood. No-one ever locked a door. Mum (Lila) and Mrs Walton used to often have a "cuppa" together in the morning or afternoon. None of the mums worked and all of us kids would play outside until it got dark. Very egalitarian as we were all in rented houses. Us kids moved out when we married, but mum & dad lived here until they had to move due to expansion of the open cut....Kerry

Immediate Neighbours: Mrs Hilda McGregor, Cope, Pritchett
Nearby Neighbours: Walton, Durrand, Webster, Buckley, Moore

French 26 Fairfield Avenue
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