2 Fernhill

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Exterior - wooden (stained dark brown). Lino and floorboards; wood cooking stove in kitchen; large pantry; chip heater for bath.

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Memories Resident Family House
Bogan 2 Fernhill

I loved our house and the town square. I have good memories of Yallourn - the Saturday afternoons at the picture theatre; the fountains in town. In my opinion, Yallourn was the best town in Victoria...Jacqueline

Immediate Neighbours: Mr & Mrs Woods
Nearby Neighbours: Adele Burrows

Pedley 2 Fernhill
Luke 2 Fernhill
Vikis 2 Fernhill
Tolley 2 Fernhill
Trusler 2 Fernhill
Druitt 2 Fernhill
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2 Fernhill - Pedley Family

Diane, Roger & Jacqueline Pedley with dog Bluey on front verandah of 2 Fernhill - taken around 1953.

2 Fernhill
2 Fernhill - Pedley Family

High School days - Jacqueline, Alice & Diane Pedley in the front garden of 2 Fernhill - 1954

2 Fernhill