14 Fernhill

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Two storey weatherboard.

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Memories Resident Family House

Autumn bonfires - elm trees with big leaves.

Grigarius 14 Fernhill
Wray 14 Fernhill
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14 Fernhill

This house is now situated at Old Gippstown and holds the collection of Dr James Andrew.

14 Fernhill


Although close, this is not the correct plan for 14 Fernhill. This is the other type of attic house, pre-electric stoves, as a wood-fired in the kitchen backed the fire in the living room. 14 Fernhill was designed for an electric stove, and the living room fireplace was on the opposite wall - see photo I have sent to Julie.

This is the house that was moved to Old Gippstown, and holds the collection from the Estate of Dr J.M.Andrew.