17 Hazelwood Crescent

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Hazelwood Crescent
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As tenants, you had to put up with colours supplied. SEC "sludge" used to paint exterior of garage. Painters mixed leftover paint to produce this colour.l Poor ventilation in these houses - condensation dripped from the ceilings, shoes grew mould in the cupboards.

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Memories Resident Family House

Hazelwood Cres was on the other hill, maybe called "Nob's Hill" becasue it had at its Eastern end the house used by the General Superintendent Brigadier Field and his wife, and then occupied by Mr Jensen. Next to them lived the Norden's - Mrs Doss Norden had been at school Auburn Central?, with Aub. Over the back fence from us lived Austin Lynch who was Chief Clerk with his second wife, Phyllis, and their two young children. Mr Lynch had been widowed and his children from the first marriage were young adults at the time we arrived. Austin Lynch was involved in many community activities such as the Orchestral Society and the Yallourn Thespians, served on the Town Council and maybe the Vestry of St John's Church of England, and the Tennis Club. Another neighbour with an important job at the Hospital or the Health Centre as Administrator was Lyall Lambert, who lived with his wife and children around the corner. He maybe hadn't served in WWII as he was a younger man (as was Mr Jobley) but otherwise, most of the men were ex-servicemen and many had come from different places to Yallourn. The Peter's next door would have been typical. Mrs Peter's family had come from Broken Hill and South Australia. Bob Peters, who was a senior surveyor with the SEC, had grown up over Korrumburra way on a farm. He'd been in the Army and continued to be involved with the Army Reserve and the Scouts. Next along from them were the Mounter's. Mrs Mounter used to be a leader with the Brownies, including daughter Jill, while Mr Mounter became a Scouter round the time Andrew became a Cub. Geoff Mounter was a second generation Yallournite since his father had also worked as a chemist with the SEC.

Our father and the Property Office: Aub Martin was a clerk in the Property Office at Yallourn. He'd worked previously at Royston House. The Property office was upstairs in the Yallourn Shops. Alf Heskey, an Englishman, was the head at the time. Later, the unit moved to the works area in Morwell. There were other staff int he 1950s - all male. Perhaps, Hazel Bechaz was the first woman to join the unit while it was in Yallourn. Brian Eddy worked with dad and Ken Wolf in Morwell. The Property Office dealt with such things as the leasing of property, especially farmland, already acquired by the SEC and being held for future expansion; the acquisition of land, eg for Hazelwood development and tenancies, commercial and residential, in Yallourn and elsewhere. At one stage, my father's responsibilities included checking maintenance required for houses, especially when people were moving in or out.

Martin 17 Hazelwood Crescent
Haines 17 Hazelwood Crescent
Chadman 17 Hazelwood Crescent
Kovacs 17 Hazelwood Crescent
Smith 17 Hazelwood Crescent
Rushton 17 Hazelwood Crescent
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Martin Family - 17 Hazelwood Cres - 1960s

A cross-section of Hazelwood Crescent showing downhill slope and No 17 Hazelwood Cres in the 1960s

17 Hazelwood Crescent
Martin Family - 17 Hazelwood Cres - 1960s

Recall of Hazelwood Crescent between 1958 & 1966 by Sheila Martin

17 Hazelwood Crescent