IMAGES OF YALLOURN - Pre-1952 - The Yallourn Butchery

Yallourn Butcher Shop
Andy Stevenson

Pre-1952: Staff members of the Yallourn Butchery:
L-R: Jean Cook, Andy Stevenson, Mr Talbot -Wilson, Pat O’Neil, Richard ??, Frank Penticost, Roger ??, Reg Neville, Bob Ramage, Wendy Patching and Peter Hansen

Source: From a collection of photographs forwarded to Virtual Yallourn by a former resident of Yallourn - Dianne Goulding (Stevenson).
A story about the butchery, the Yallourn abattoir, Andy Stevenson (Dianne’s Father), Henry Wilson and other members of the butchery staff will be posted on this website soon.