Yallourn High School Music Theatre


This is the cover of the record made in 1963 of Music Theatre organised by Val Pyers.


I have the record and have recently played it! Even though I was only in Form 1 in 1963 and not in the choir I loved it. I did (very nervously) play the piano accompaniment at Speech Night in Kernot Hall for the choir's song Whistle a Happy Tune.


This came out of the Music Theatre production produced by Val Pyers. The actual recording of the disc was done over in Morwell on a very cold night. There are pictures elsewhere - somewhere in the many photos of YHS of that time, of those of us who were there. It was a long, mammoth task to get all the songs done that we had presented at Music Theatre itself. Unfortunately, one or two of the numbers were not up to the standard that Val required and they were left off. I wonder how many of the group still has the disc?..........I do and it is a thick bit of record.................Now that the old vinyls are coming back into their own maybe there will still be some gear to actually play the discs? Otherwise I guess the items can be digitalised.