January 2007 Newsletter - Irene Coates (Prosinskas) YHS 1952

Irene Coates (Prosinskas) YHS 1952 wrote: I was going through the YOGA Newsletters looking to see if any of the Yallourn Tech Boys wrote in or are even connected to YOGA, they were such a great part of our lives once a week going passed the High School to swimming, all the girls had a sore neck peering out the windows to check on the talent, and searching for boyfriends.

I have just come back from Morwell, only a short trip this time. I thought you might like to know that Vivien Wakefield (Gardner) YHS 1953 has just had a serious op and it was successful; she had 4 strokes and had an op almost immediately on being admitted in Brisbane, and everyone is very pleased with her recovery and she hasn't stopped talking so everyone says, so I told her ay she keep on talking! Amazing girl.

I missed out on seeing Irene Hunnam (Park) YHS 1952 because she was away up North at the same time, but we keep in touch via email and phone