January 2007 Newsletter - Olga Dunn (Tabaczynski) YHS 1958

Olga Dunn (Tabaczynski) YHS 1958 - wrote “found some photos of my dad (Mikolay) & his mates who came out from Germany in 1949 together to work in The SEC Yallourn, a year ahead of their families to setup work & accommodation. Mum & I came out in 1950, must have been difficult for a wife to be left to wait for a year & then come out with children on a boat to an unknown country - a real movie maker!

All the Tabaczynski family worked at the SEC at one time or other. My brother, Peter Tabaczynski(Taba) still works there and lives in Yallourn North with his partner, Judy Renwick. My husband, Barry Dunn, went to Yallourn Tech as well in the early 60's.

Photo attached