January 2013 Newsletter - Lance White YTS 1956

Lance White YTS 1956 wrote with this small, but significant question which appeared in Albury/Wodonga local paper “The Border Mail” in August 2012:
Q: Who said, “Knowledge is Power”? Of course this was our motto under the YTS / YTC’s blazer badge which many of us proudly wore.
A: Sir Francis Bacon ( 1561-1626).
“We all knew the motto very well, but I wonder how many students knew who this was attributed to or from where it originated. An interesting enough item which many OB’s might appreciate.
I cannot recall ever being told this - maybe the phrase was coined by an early local student, teacher or someone and this fact is mere coincidence. Food for thought!! (Maybe one for Graham Beanland to help with?)
Those “ Pylon” issues are great to read. We at the Technical School had “The Current Call” run along the same lines. What great memories they elicit from that wonderful past we shared at Yallourn.”