June 2000 Newsletter - Arthur Webb YHS 1944

Arthur Webb YHS 1944 sent in a poem written by Mrs Aileen Lazarus and presented by her at a party in 1997 to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of her marriage to Bert Lazarus. Arthur says the poem reminds us of times now gone when life was not as easy as it is so often today. Bert & Aileen were long time residents of Yallourn, lived in Stzelecki Road and shifted from Yallourn to the Mirboo area when Bert retired from the SEC in 1975. They are the uncle and aunt of the Webb's, ie Dot (Harten) of Brunswick Heads, Mavis (McAllister) of Yallourn North, Vera (Amos) of Glen Waverley, and Arthur Webb now of Box Hill. All are past students of Yallourn High or the Higher Elementary School. Bert and Aileen still live at Mirboo North and enjoy talking about Yallourn and the old residents of that fair town.

We met and we married a long time ago we worked very hard when wages were low No TV, no wireless, times were hard An old tin bath, a cold water tap, and a walk in the yard. No carpets on floors, no holidays abroad, We had wood on the fire, but we did not lock the doors. Our children arrived, no frill in those days and brought them up without any State aid. They were safe going out to play in the park and old folk could go for a walk in the dark. No bashings, no muggings, there was nothing to rob No valium, no LSD We cured most of our ills with a good cup of tea. We just had to face it, that's the pattern of life, Now we are old, we look bac? on the years. We don't think of heaft ache, sorrow and tears, we remember our blessings, our home, and our love, and for this we thank God above.