June 2001 Newsletter - Grace James (Catchpole) YHS 1945

Grace James (Catchpole) YHS 1945 Wrote to say she was off to the "Stitches & Craft" Show with neighbour Fay Wood (Johnson). Fay was a year behind Grace at Yallourn Primary and High School. While they are away, their husbands, who are volunteers for TADVIC (Technical Aids for Disabled, Victoria) are going to work on a baby cot so that mum, a paraplegic, will be able to get her wheelchair under the cot to attend to the baby. They are also going to adapt the dropsied to two swing gates to make things easier for her to manage. Thank you to Marie McFaul (Elmar) for her good wishes. Grace remembers Shirley Gillard and Marion Dawson. She was a guest at Marion Dawson's wedding at Dandenong. Do others remember her lovely singing voice? It is 50 years since Grace left Yallourn to start her teacher training and had five years away before coming back to teach at YHS for 3 years. Noelene May's (Heskey) recollections of coal dust reminded Grace of Mrs Findlay Fraser, whose husband was the Presbyterian Minister in the 50’s. Mrs Fraser was "horrified" to see people washing on a Sunday. It wasn't many months before she agreed it was better to wash good table linen and woollies on a Sunday when the briquette factory wasn't operating! After living at Yallourn, inner Melbourne, the Mallee and the Wimmera, it took Grace quite a while to break the habit of wiping the clothes line before hanging out the washing!