June 2002 Newsletter - Marie Braet (Ellis) YHS '1953

Marie Braet (Ellis) YHS '1953 Sent in some information about her family from Yallourn. John Thomas Ellis (Jack) and Mary Ellis (Molly) arrived in Yallourn in 1940. Jack was a painter with the SEC and they had lodgings with Mrs Alexander until a house became available. They were allocated 57 Church Street in the latter part of 1941 where they lived until they moved to 5 Maryvale Rd, where they remained until the demise of the town.

They went on to have six children – Marie 1941, Sheila 1942, Bernadette 1943, Brian (19451974), Kevin 1947 and Patricia 1953, all of whom attended St Theres’s School then under the auspice of Father John Walsh, and later Father Francis O’Regan. Secondary education was at St Kieran’s and Presentation College in Moe for the girls and St Paul’s in Traralgon for the boys.

Molly was very involved in parish activities including one of the organists at the church and was also very active in the events of the town, and the Country Women's Association. ln '1981, Molly won the Legal & General Golden Years Award for the state of Victoria at a presentation held in Sydney. lt was a well deserved award for her, although she felt there were more deserving people than herself. Growing up in Yallourn was unique, having the greatest schools of all persuasions with great sporting facilities unequaled anywhere else, where everyone was relatively secure in the knowledge of procuring a position in the workforce at the completion of their education. Yallourn was a picturesque town in the valley, beautifully maintained at all times. Jack, being a partner, most likely worked inside or outside most houses in the town during his working life. Jack passed away in July 1973 and Molly passed away in December 1997. Molly was almost the last person in the town to be relocated, with 5 Maryvale Rd being only one of the few houses still standing at that time. With the love and guidance of our wonderful parents, and growing up in such a great town with so many friends, this family certainly had a sound and staple grounding for life ahead. The people and the community spirit was what made it such a great place to live. The downturn unfortunately is for the hundreds of children born in Yallourn who no longer have a birthplace to which they can return.