June 2002 Newsletter - Rob Morgan YHS'1959

Rob Morgan YHS'1959 "OUR 2002 YHS REUNION AND ULYSSES CLUB AGM TRIP" for next newsletter, which included....... Greetings to all fellow YOGArians and very glad that you take the time to stay in touch. We all share a very unique bond that becomes stronger with each event, like the recent '1960's Reunion at Woorabinda. So, a bit of history of myself - I came to Yallourn from Mt Beauty, along with brothers Geoff and Steve, in May'1962. Geoff and l fitted into Form 48 with the names of Log and String respectively, whilst Steve slotted into Form 1A with the name of Monkey, all of us managing to blunder on with no idea of where life was leading us. I finished YHS in 1965, with my main achievements in athletics and Chief of the Moan Squad, but with no idea how to speak to girls; I failed Matriculation achieving only 2 subjects, (not English Expression). Worked for a year and achieved a few good results at night school; returned to full-time study at Yallourn Tech (became GIAE then Monash), and somehow emerged as an Electrical Engineer. Got married to lna in 1970, after finding out what girls are. Worked with the SEC of Vic until 1972, got bored, and then headed west to Hamersley Iron for 13 years, at Tom Price and Dampier. This was followed with contracting work with consultants and agencies for a further 13 years, still in WA. Now feeling a bit left behind in the technical side and running on experience, so out of work and considering myself early retired. We have 3 kids... 2 have returned to Karratha, a Surveyor and a bike shop manager, and no.3 is at Uni, becoming a Maths teacher. We are members of the Ulysses Motorcycle Club, which is for the over 50's trying to grow old disgracefully. lt is good fun without any pressure to conform to anything but having a good time riding with like-minded people. There is an AGM at a different location every year, this year being at Traralgon, and so we departed early on 6th February to combine the YHS ‘1960s Reunion on 16th Feb with the Ulysses AGM on 20th to 24th March. We arrived at the 1960s Reunion held at Woorabinda Camp on 16th February at about 10.30am as things were just starting to warm up. On parking at the gravel car park and failing to recognise Peter Lock (sorry Twaf), I then was greeted by Marg Planner (Tullis) and Pauline Douglas; that put me in such high spirits that I knew this was about to be one helluva day. I was not disappointed; l never expected to see so many familiar faces after about 36 years, too many to mention individually here. Even lna knew some from her nursing training at Yallourn Hospital (LVCH), I know I spoke more words that day to girls I hardly had the courage to say anything to at school. It seems a lot of others had much the same feelings. We then spent a couple of weeks visiting friends and rellies in the Latrobe Valley. The Traralgon Ulysses Group meeting was as informal as it could possibly get, being a Saturday afternoon sit around with coffee at the ice Creamery. The YOGA dinner on 2nd March was another highlight to end our stay in the Valley. Great company, and a very good meal washed down with plenty of red wine, topped up with plenty of red wine, and talking a lot of dribble. The night went so fast I can only vaguely remember any details, although I know it was a good time. Steve was a walking corpse the next day, so it must have been good. Monday, 25th March, and it's time to head home. Once again, a trip that will be remembered for a long time, backed up by 7 rolls of film. The next AGM is Mudgee 2003, which we expect to forgo, however Geelong 2004 is a definite yes. Hope there will be some sort of YHS event about the same time.