June 2006 Newsletter - Winton McColl YHS 1959

Winton McColl YHS 1959 - My sincere thanks for a job well done. Mary & I arrived home on Sunday after a week on the Gold Coast - exhausted, but couldn't put the book down. You have bought back many good memories of the old town and its people. Again, sincere thanks. Can I tell you a little story regarding the South Camp. There don't seem to be many photos of the South Camp, which is not surprising considering its role in the early history of the town. My grandfather, Jack Ebsworth, went there in either 1922 or 23, leaving my grandmother (Daisy), mother (Vi) and 4 of her siblings, including my Aunty Marj (Dickson) in Sale. (Aunty Marj was the one who told me the story of arriving at the South Camp.) My grandfather picked up the family from the station, with a horse & dray. On arriving at the 'home' in the Camp, my grandfather unlocked the large padlock and chain from the door. Upon entering her new 'home', my grandmother looked around at the hessian walls and (I think) dirt floor and said "Jack, why did you bother locking the place?". The South Camp must have plenty of wonderful stories. We used to hear numerous as kids, pity I didn't have enough foresight to make a note of them!!