June 2007 Newsletter - Colin Nash YHS 1956

Colin Nash YHS 1956 wrote:
“Readers can cast their minds back to the time IMT visited Yallourn, in 1958 I think. It was such a big event for the town with TV such a powerful drawcard in its early years - an air of excitement. What an opportunity to actually see the stars who had become household names at the rehearsal on the day of the show, held at Kernot Hall. In the interests of 'art appreciation', a number of students attended the rehearsal (to represent the school of course) - names I can remember who 'sacrificed their studies' were Colin Nash, Brian Kilday and John Young. We had a great time watching all the well-known personnel - Graham Kennedy, Bert Newton, Geoff Corke and Toni Lamond - going through their acts. All of a sudden, someone looked back from where we were sitting and saw a teacher come in through the front door, so we took off through the exit in the lane beside the Health Centre - sprung!!! We were marched back to our class in the Library with the teacher, Mr Sherman, surprisingly not impressed! I think he is still 'steaming' over a harmless prank.