June 2007 Newsletter - Steve Gray YHS 1971

Steve Gray YHS 1971 on a similar theme: - The Pool

It’s summer, red-hot or not you went to the pool. Yes, the committee who did the fundraising etc did an almighty job, so there was no wasting the opportunity. Some weekends the pool was jam packed with people, even though other towns jumped on the pool bandwagon, people came from all over to enjoy what Yallourn’s pool had to offer.

I’m not sure if it was the parking (for bikes or cars), the enticing parkland out the front, the neatly groomed lawns, the wide arching Cyprus trees at the top of the ‘hill”, the Mac’s Kiosk, the pool superintendents (Gday to Mr Jensen and Mr Swindon) or just the cool clear crisp refreshing waters in any of the three pools.

5 cents would get you in (it was probably cheaper earlier on but I remember the five cents…) Mum became annoyed at the expense and bought a book of seasons ticket - “Use those tickets wisely or they won’t last all season!” “Yes mum!” we chimed - when they ran out we had saved our cash and paid our own way a few times.

It was the sort of place you could go to at 9:30am and leave at 5pm… with some long stints of lying out in the hot sun baking the front, then the back and a few breaks in the shade for good measure. The kiosk had pies, sunny boys and all manner of ‘stuff’ to give you energy to go on.

I didn’t join the swimming club, (didn’t know too many that did but they seemed to have lots of members.) Then there would be those hot days when the swimming carnivals were on, and the general public could just watch through the fence and be envious of a dip in those cool refreshing waters… I recall one day it was still hot after the event and the usual evening opening time was cancelled, the crowd gathered at the gates disappointed the pool was closed, a few phone calls were made and under special orders it was opened… (I think more than a few mums needed a break from hot and bothered children that day).

It was a great place to swim, a great place to develop your fear of heights on the diving boards (more than a few heads got a good solid crack from contact with swimmers below!) and a great place to discover how to be subtle in watching the scantily clad lasses parading about. One year an American teacher flipped the straps off to avoid a tan line and boy did it cause a stir!

The superintendents did a sterling job, mum always said they were great blokes and felt safe when I was there. “If ever you feel like you’re drowning, put your hand up, they will fish you out like lightning…” “Yes mum…” Not so sure about that on a sunny Sat arvo when a bevy of cute babes enticed a chat from the super (a bronzed svelte body created from a summer of constant walking and exposure to the sun saw to that.)

There were those who found neat ways to scale the cyclone fence (barbed wire and all!) with a quick running side swipe after a careful glance to see where the “super” was (Brian, Russell and their mates will know who I mean…) Most were happy to part with their hard earned 5c for a chance to enjoy the pool and enjoy it we did!