7 Jeeralang Crescent

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Jeeralang Crescent
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Memories Resident Family House

Neighbours: Connor across the road; Taylor down the road (Ken & Andrea Tilley)

Butt 7 Jeeralang Crescent

The house was brand new but when dad pick mum, Warwick and I up from the train, he warned us we would have to be carried in as there was a thick layer of coal dust right through the house. Dad was in Personnel, settling the migrants into the hostels and houses as they arrived. We attended the Presbyterian Church - Rev White was the minister. My friends at church included the Chisholms, the Gusts, Val Barr. Moonlight hikes to Herne's Oak were good fun with Don Chisholm keeping us under control most of the time. I was also in the Guides under Mrs Graham.

It was a great life for us kids growing up with everything at our fintergips but not so good for mum with a 3 month old baby. A constant battle with the coal dust and the Maryvale smell from the papermill. If the wind changed when we were out, there was a mad rush for home to bring the washing in or else it had to be done again!

Our neighbours were Mr & Mrs Ian McCallum, David & John on one side and Mr & Mrs Bakker, Peter & Susan on the other.
Some of the other neighbours were the Cleverly's, Whites, Stitsons (Jill, Carolyn, Penny & Roger), John & Joan Prior, Jill and baby Ann; Mr & Mrs Liddell & Brett; the Stewart family with several young boys - they were my first babysitting job; and the Tabart family....Glenys

Loveless 7 Jeeralang Crescent
Smith 7 Jeeralang Crescent
Kemp 7 Jeeralang Crescent