Yallourn Men's Hockey - 1959

Hockey Club

In splendid weather conditions last Sunday, Yallourn were hosts to the R.A.A.F. side. The visitors, now on top of the ladder, proved too strong a combination and defeated Yallourn 4 – 1
At the commencement of the first half, the R.A.A.F. quickly goaled, showing they were to be a side to be reckoned with. Shortly afterwards, McArthur goaled splendidly for Yallourn and levelled the scores. The
R.A.A/F forwards combined well . and managed to force a second goal.
After the change, Yallourn had many unsuccessful tries, but had to give in to the R.A.A.F. forwards, who gradually broke through Yallourn’s defence and scored two more goals.
A worthy mention is given to the two umpires, Mrs. L.Robertson and D.Raggatt. who willingly offered to assist and who did a splendid job.
Best & Fairest for Yallourn were awarded as follows: T.Polkinghorne 3, J.Agius 2, J.McArthur 1
Next Week Yallourn have the bye and all players are reminded to attend practices on Wednesday and Friday and also on Sunday, where a further practice has been arranged.