IMAGES OF YALLOURN - 1978 - The Third YOGA (Yallourn Association) Meeting

Submitted by Julie George on Wed, 28/08/2019 - 11:36


This photograph was taken at the third gathering of the Yallourn High School ‘Old Girls’ (as it was then known) which was held on March 4th 1978. It was published in the ‘Contact’ Magazine (March edition-1978). On that occasion, the reunion was held at the Latrobe Valley Visitors’ Centre in Morwell.

Those pictured above are:
Back Row: Winnie Watkinson, Nita Spittall, Joan Harris, George Bates, Val Kerr, Tess Whitehead, Nell Hewitt, Maidi Smith
Front Row: Sonja Bates, Nola Trethowan, Charles Trethowan, Lucy Crowe

The full story of the 1978 Reunion can be found by:
1. Typing the word ‘Contact’ into the Search box at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
2. Hit ‘Apply.’
3. Scroll down to the March edition of 1978 ‘Contact’ (page: 3)
Note: This website has an extensive selection of photos of Yallourn Reunions from 1978 -2019.

The name of the ‘Yallourn Old Girls’ Association (aka YOGA) has ‘morphed’ but the aim of bringing friends together has remained central to the organization and an important event on the calendar.

Despite the ‘march of time’ and the changes in the association, the love for the town of Yallourn has been ‘a constant’ and the reunions are eagerly awaited and always well supported.

The thousands of photographs, mementos, articles and comments posted on the Virtual Yallourn website and the Yallourn Association Facebook page reflect the sense of community and fellowship of Yallourn’s former families, residents and friends.

Arguably, there are very few towns (if any) in Australia that have garnered so much positive comment and veneration; and the fact that the town no longer physically exists speaks volumes about what a remarkable community it was in the lives of so many people. Somehow, the township has endured in the hearts and the memories of its residents.

The next reunion will be held on Saturday, 29 February 2020 – Woorabinda School Camp.

For further information about the Yallourn Association, membership, reunions and ‘staying in touch’ with friends from Yallourn, contact Julie.