2 Latrobe Avenue

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Latrobe Avenue
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This was an older house - 2 bedrooms, fireplace in lounge, seagrass matting in hallway and lounge, orange lino and purple carpet in main bedroom! Also, wood heater for hot water. House was grey with black trim...Leonne

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Winstanley 2 Latrobe Avenue

I was the first female SEC employee to rent a house in Yallourn. When first married in June 1972, we couldn't live in Yallourn because my husband didn't work for the SEC.

Living here, you had vivid memories of a dying town, seeing the houses going - it was very sad to see my old family home on a truck (it ended up in Warragul on the Old Princes Hwy). Seeing beautiful gardens being neglected - very sad not being able to show your children where you grew up....Leonne

Shinn 2 Latrobe Avenue
Lueckenhausen 2 Latrobe Avenue