8 Latrobe Avenue

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Latrobe Avenue
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Back references from House in Tenancy for Place: 8 Latrobe Avenue
Memories Resident Family House

The great times we had with our neighbours, the Slades, building cubbies, playing cricket, cooking meals in our cubbies for mum & dad's lunch. In general, playing and having great fun. We always had a fun time living at No 8. We had great neighbours on all sides and some interesting ones in the 'Transit House'.
Immediate Neighbours: Left Transit House; Right Foley; Opposite Slade & Ostlund
Nearby Neighbours: Back neighbours - Kimberley, Seniors & Oliver

Salisbury 8 Latrobe Avenue
Hines 8 Latrobe Avenue
Dean 8 Latrobe Avenue
Hughes 8 Latrobe Avenue